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We understand our customers and, we know you have a busy schedule. Why drive up and down if we are able to provide you with all your needs? Should the need arise to replace your taps , you have the option to select a range of taps from our catalogue or, you have the option to purchase your own while we do the installation for you. We can also install a full range new technology taps that involves converting oxygen to ozone gas which is then mixed with water to create ozone water straight from the tap, and this is an efficient, economical, healthy, hygienic and environmentally friendly way of using water.

According to research, the average dripping taps in the UK can waste 550 million gallons of water annually (enough to fill 1,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools). Let us seat your taps and solve your leaks as a first solution before you spend money to replace the entire tap.

Here is some tips on how to seat your own taps (Click here)


We will provide you with a variety of panels, types, and shower heads that suits your style and need. ABC Plumbing and Mechanical will install new services but we are flexible in repairing, modifying, and installing services to you as our client


A wide variety to choose from for your comfort. Types of toilets include; Close Coupled, Wall Hung, Back To Wall, Rimless, Short Projection, Comfort Height, High Level, Low Level, Corner, and Traditional. We provide repairs, maintenance, and new installations of all types of toilets.


Here are some of our selections from which you can chose: Claw-foot and pedestal baths, Recessed or alcove baths, Drop-in baths, Free standing baths, Corner baths, Whirlpool baths or Jacuzzi's, Walk-in or gated baths. We specialise in any blockages from your waste services to the mains.

Wet rooms

We are able to install your waterproof- or tanked bathroom with a shower area on the same level as the floor. Many wet rooms require at least a 4′ x 4′ space and are shower rooms that saves your budget with no required shower screen and tray, which have an open, tiled shower area. If your bathroom is small, you will need to include a shower panel to prevent water spray.

General plumbing

  • Drain blockage troubleshoot and repair
  • All maintenance and repairs on drainage systems and pipe work
  • Boiler replacement and servicing (refer to our Boiler Section to Learn more)
  • Micro camera drain inspection
  • Leak detection
  • Water pipe repairs and replacement - copper, galvanised, and plastic (PVC and ABS)
  • Pipe locating / burst pipe repairs